Get the Bahco Edge

You should love the tools you use every day. We know that you will love Bahco brand tools: the quality is unmatched, the designs are modern and efficient. With the Bacho Store we’ve made it easy to find the product you need, purchase it quickly and for a great price. It’s fast, it’s easy and secure: Bahco tools online. These tools are sturdy and durable. You can depend on Bahco, it’s a brand you can trust.

Because Bahco products are of such high quality that we are proud to offer an exclusive life-time limited warranty on everything we sell. This warranty applies only to Bahco Store customers and only to products purchased from the Bahco Store.

Bahco Tools are the Professional’s Edge

Our tools have been scientifically designed for professionals and tested for more comfort, less fatigue and greater efficiency. If you are looking for a new generation in pruners, loppers, hedge trimmers or saws, Bahco is your ergonomic choice.

Bahco Pruning Shears

Sharp Bahco blades make a better cut to help plants heal faster. Superior design lets you cut small vines, tree branches, flowers, bushes and shrubs longer with less effort. You will be amazed at how much more productive you can be with Bahco pruners.

Bahco Loppers

Experience the power of Bahco two-handed lopping shears! Ideal for all pruning: large vines, small to medium tree branches, bushes and shrubs, just about anything you got. Whether you need to cut green wood or dead wood we’ve go the right tool for you. You’ll be impressed with the stay-sharp blades designed to get the job done quickly and easily.

Bahco Hedge Shears

Professional, reliable, light duty or heavy: Bahco hedge trimmers are the best. Designed for clean cutting with less friction, the hardened-steel blades and handles are designed to last. These excellently balanced shears produce perfection every time.

Bahco Snips and Scissors

Take along a lightweight pair of Bahco harvesting snips or garden scissors for precise pruning, thinning or harvesting jobs. Now you can cut flowers and harvest vegetables with real Bahco power.

Bahco Bow Saws

World famous Bahco bow saws are best-in-class, used by professional arborists everywhere. Available in a variety of sizes to handle everything from cutting smaller limbs close in, trimming logs to manageable sizes or felling trees. Bahco bow saws will always get the job done.

Bahco Hand Saws

Revolutionize the way you work. High quality, comfortable Bahco hand saws with handy holsters are always there for you.

Bahco Folding Saws

Top quality Bahco folding saws stay sharp longer for clean cutting time after time. All feature replaceable blades. For extra safety Bahco folding saws lock in both closed and open positions.

Bahco Knives

Use handy Bahco knives for precision grafting, pruning, and cutting flowers as well as cutting strings, plastics and much more.

Bahco Pole Saws

Bahco pole saws for those higher-up tree pruning tasks that involve removing large branches at the six- to twenty-foot level. Remember that safety comes first: please consult a professional arborist before removing any large branches.

Bahco Pole Pruners

Bahco pole pruners are for fine tuning and clearing of smaller branches and water-shoots from your trees at the six- to twenty-foot level. They feature heavy-duty hardened-steel blades. Bahco poles are interchangeable: any Bahco pole fits any Bahco pole pruner or pole saw.

Bahco Parts

It’s easy to find Bahco spare parts at the Bahco Store. Bahco blades, springs, screws, washers, locking devices, center bolts: we have it all.

Bahco Accessories

We also have Bahco accessories: handy holsters, sharpening stones, fast-acting lubricants and cleaners.

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