Bahco Pole Pruners

Bahco invented the pole pruner in France back in 1934 to prune trees above normal working height without a ladder. Combined with an extension pole it is possible to cut branches at a height of nearly twenty feet. Bahco top pruners are bypass tree pruners with stamped, fully hardened blades: precision ground with a double-beveled cutting edge. The first bevel ensures easy cutting and the second bevel gives more strength to the blade, keeping it sharp longer and allowing the blade to be re-sharpened many times. The non-loosening bolt guarantees perfect alignment of the cutting edge and the anvil blade.

You can trust Bahco to manufacture the best pole pruners. They have been perfecting them for almost 80 years. All models will reduce the amount of effort while still getting the results you are yearning to witness at the end of hard day of clearing out and pruning those tall branches.

For clearing out, hook the counter-blade around the branch you want to cut and then pull the pole towards you. If you are pruning, hook the counter-blade around the branch and pull the down on the rope using the attached handle. The steel blade will make an efficient cut every time. The long aluminum pole will dramatically help with those branches that need taming but are too difficult to reach.

Bahco pole pruners are for fine tuning and clearing of smaller branches and water-shoots from your trees at the six- to twenty-foot level. They feature heavy-duty hardened-steel blades. Bahco poles are interchangeable: any Bahco pole fits any Bahco pole pruner or pole saw.