Bahco Snips and Scissors

Bahco, a leading producer of professional cutting tools, has developed a new generation of snips. Extensively tested, the snips are designed for use by grape growers to thin vines and harvest grapes.

These snips are extremely light weight and can be used for several applications. The P128-19 model is long and slim with straight blades. A wide opening makes it easy for larger projects that require thinning. Bahco P128-19 snips come equipped with a light weight plastic holster which helps limit injuries and offers a safe and secure spot while the snip is not in use.

The nut is easy to tighten when it becomes necessary for your Bahco snip to be adjusted. With both a spring and shock absorber inside the handles the friction your working hand usually feels will be greatly reduced. The handles are extremely comfortable and can be securely closed with a wire locking device at the end. A lanyard hole allows attachment to a string, chain or lanyard while working.

Bahco also offers multiple sizes of floral scissors. Great for harvesting flowers, trimming stems for flower arrangements or other garden and non-garden related cutting, Bahco floral scissors blades are high-quality stainless steel and the rubberized grips mean no slips. Always keep a pair handy.

Take along a lightweight pair of Bahco harvesting snips or garden scissors for precise pruning, thinning or harvesting jobs. Now you can cut flowers and harvest vegetables with real Bahco power.