Bahco Bow Saws

Bahco bow saws are made from high quality steel and protected by a coating of high-impact enamel paint. The ergonomic integrated handle makes sawing effortless and comfortable. Innovative, easy-to-use blade holing mechanism allows for maximum tension and safe handling. The virtually unbreakable hand guard makes knuckle injuries a thing of the past.

You don’t want to miss out on these heavy duty bow saws. They are of high quality materials, designed for extra strength jobs, but do not neglect the user’s comfort. Novices or seasoned professionals should have the appropriate bow saw handy for the task and Bahco makes saws for all needs.

The high blade tension on Bahco bow saws improve performance and make for a straighter cut. Both types of blades, the 51 and 23 have triangular set teeth pointing down which are hard-point, bevel-filed, and high-frequency hardened with sharp edges on both sides to cut on both the push and pull stroke.

However, there are differences between the peg toothing for mature and dry wood and the raker toothing for live and green wood. On peg toothing for mature and dry wood (type 51) every third gullet is extended for high chip removal and is made uniquely for fast and efficient cutting of mature and dry wood. For raker toothing for live and green wood (type 23) every fifth tooth is raker and unset which functions like a chisel to remove the chips out of the green wood.

World famous Bahco bow saws are best-in-class, used by professional arborists everywhere. Available in a variety of sizes to handle everything from cutting smaller limbs close in, trimming logs to manageable sizes or felling trees. Bahco bow saws will always get the job done.