Bahco Hedge Shears

Bahco features three types of hedge shear blades and three types of handles. There’s a model for every conceivable use. Professionals and amateurs alike will get an enormous amount intensive use out of these robust and impressive hedge shears.

There are wide straight blades with partially serrated edges for removing undergrowth and cutting thick twigs. Narrow blades with smooth edges are designed specifically for trimming leaves and soft shoots, always providing that clean cut look you desire in your landscaping: leaf pruning and topiary work becomes a cinch with a Bahco hedge shear. Wavy blades with smooth edges are perfect for pruning hedges and shrubs and soft shoots: the waves trap groups of twigs and keep them from sliding out.

Oval steel handles are the strongest – they allow the use of maximum power for tough shrubs. Bahco super-light aluminum alloy handles are very low weight, reducing arm strain and allowing longer trimming sessions at shoulder height. Traditional strong hardwood handles give a solid, more comfortable grip, especially in cold weather.

Professional, reliable, light duty or heavy: Bahco hedge trimmers are the best. Designed for clean cutting with less friction, the hardened-steel blades and handles are designed to last. These excellently balanced shears produce perfection every time.