Bahco Pruners

Bahco pruners give every user a clean cut with maximum efficiency every time: over and over and over, day after day, season after season, year after year. Flexibly designed, they can all be used to cut any type of plant – so why are there so many types?

Bahco pruners are designed for use by professionals who make between 5,000 and 12,000 pruning cuts per day. In this type of high-volume professional work environment a small improvement in tool efficiency can save an enormous amount of hand strain and fatigue. Different tool designs allow for optimum tool efficiency for each job and for each worker to select the tool that is perfect for that person.

There are a plethora of choices because hand sizes vary and Bahco recognizes the need for maximum comfort whether your hand is smaller or larger. Three sizes of cutting heads are offered because of the many jobs a PX or PXR pruner can accomplish. From training wires, green pruning and even for popular methods of training a vineyard that is as young as a decade old – you will want one of Bahco’s pruners to be your main performer! If you are left handed, do not worry about trying to train your right hand to do a gardening task that you are passionate about. Bahco North America wants righty’s and lefty’s alike to be accounted for and delivered to in the market of ergonomic secateurs.

The PX and PXR models offer you comfort, security, health and efficiency because of their ergonomic designs. After many scientific studies and global field tests – theses secateurs are made for the comfortable and productive pruning life of professional gardeners everywhere.

The features and benefits of the ergonomic PX and PXR will astound you. Every aspect of these mind-blowing pruners were thoughtfully planned; from reducing the strain on your hand to keeping your hand in a neutral position to ward off painful hand syndromes such as Carpal Tunnel.

The traditional P-series Bahco pruners are a fantastic substitution to any of the PX or PXR models. Their strong designs will aid in easy reach pruning for a number of varying duties you may need to labor on. All traditional Bahco secateurs offer precise cuts and unbelievably strong steel handles. Regardless of the secateur that suits your needs, here at The Bahco Store, we are confident you will be impressed and enamored with your choice.

Sharp Bahco blades make a better cut to help plants heal faster. Superior design lets you cut small vines, tree branches, flowers, bushes and shrubs longer with less effort. You will be amazed at how much more productive you can be with Bahco pruners.