Bahco Loppers

Bahco loppers are designed for professional use. The straight cutting head allows fast, precise cutting action. Handles made of aerospace aluminum are extremely strong and very light. Proper balance means less user fatigue. The blade is designed to prune aggressively but with less effort and still provide a smooth clean cut.

Four unique cutting heads can be applied in different situations. The P114 series comes with a narrow cutting head for when pruning in confined spaces. The P114 style lopper series is meant for grape vines and fruit trees with hedge-like cultivation, such as apple and pear trees.

Meanwhile, the P116 style, used on the P116, P19 and P16 series loppers have a curved large blade with a deep hooked counter-blade. For those times when you need the perfect lopper to prune towards the ground or below waist level you will be astonished with the flexibility of these loppers. Intended for grape vines, fruit trees and landscaping.

The P160 style has a deep hooked, thin counter-blade. When applying to your pomology and landscaping projects this style of Bahco lopper is great for pruning at heights above your shoulders.

Bahco’s P172 style has an incredibly strong anvil blade that is coated with a material that reduces friction. The design has lever action which aids in pruning both dry and mature wood. This lopper is a landscaper’s dream, but can also be used in some fruit tree projects for clearing dead wood.

Experience the power of Bahco two-handed lopping shears! Ideal for all pruning: large vines, small to medium tree branches, bushes and shrubs, just about anything you got. Whether you need to cut green wood or dead wood we’ve go the right tool for you. You’ll be impressed with the stay-sharp blades designed to get the job done quickly and easily.